'The Commemoration Centre, Ramat-Yishai', Israel, 2012 - first prize winner

‘The commemoration centre design competition’ was a prestigious competition for young architects held by Ramat-Yishay, a local council in the North District of Israel. Over 110 architects participated in the competition.

The concept behind the project is titled "Between the everyday and the commemoration" and the plan seeks to create duality between these two components.
The main idea is to net the site with a system of walls that simulate remains.
We chose to keep the majority of the plot wild and natural, and architectural elements of varying hierarchy intertwined within it. The intentionally introverted structure allows the visitor room to contemplate.
We have created two paths. One is the functional route, leading to the library and classrooms in a short walk, and the other is more complex and longer, passing along the "remains” and lead to the fallen wall.


Status: In planning